Please contact us if you have any questions or concerns. 



Please make sure to read everything fully. By buying our designs you are agreeing to these terms.
Telling us that you did not know these terms existed is not a valid excuse for breaking them.

Us and We refer to the whole of Banana Milk Media. However, in most cases the art is done by either (Tetsumiro) or (Neoukan) and not by both of us. Please keep that in mind when reading. 

* Terms used:

Trade - Trading a design, item or art in exchange for something else.
Gifting - Giving a design to someone else without the expectation of something in return. 




Resales are always allowed for designs bought directly from us, or from others who bought the design. 

Trades can be resold on a case by case basis, so please make sure to message us directly if you wish to sell any design of ours you got in a trade. 


When pricing resales you are allowed to resell it at the value you paid, and add to that price by drawing or getting extra art of the design. Gift, raffle and game maker (Picrew etc..) images do not add to the price. If you are unsure on a price please feel free to contact us.


Vouchers must always be discussed with us before hand. 


Normal ( Design for a design ) trades are always fine for designs gotten in a sell, resale or trade. 


If you get one of our designs as a gift, you must re-gift it unless you’ve commissioned and added at least (2) new images to it. The two images must be more than a sketch or doodle, something fully rendered is required.  Please contact us if you are wanting to trade a gift to ensure it is within the rules. 


If you are trading, reselling or gifting one of our Closed Species, we ask that you update the Masterlist entry. ( When possible ) While it is not required we’d prefer it if you can. 


Gift to gift (Trading) is not allowed. If you give a design of ours as a gift and get something back, ( IE another 'gift'. ) This is still trading and we will not allow this loophole.





We retain rights to the artwork and intellectual property.


You are welcome to roleplay, write, draw and generally do whatever you wish with the adoptable.
Any Closed Species of ours do not need to be lore friendly.

Commercial use is a case-by-case discussion and we retain the right to refuse granting you commercial use if it oversteps our rights. ( In most cases as long as it is not a Closed Species, we will allow commercial use as long as there are credits listed.)


Co-owning is fine but we will not get in the middle of any disagreements.


Empty accounts or new accounts might be turned down from buying designs from us. Accounts should be 1-2 months old with proof of use. ( Or proof of another site of more activity. )

If a design has a twin or multiple 'forms' they cannot be traded, gifted or re-sold separately. They must be traded together, you can gift the 'twin' to a friend. But the person who obtained it first will be the owner listed. The person with the other twin cannot trade, sell or gift the design to anyone else. Please ensure all parties know of this.




Non- Closed Species:: Edit any non-CS design as you like,  however you must always credit me for the original design. 

Closed Species:: Designs must stay at 80% the same. You must get approval from us, for any edits including species changes even if you are blacklisted. Edits can only be minor. ( slight color changes, swapping traits etc..) - You do not have to get approval for hair changes, or for gender changes.


Do not edit the original image without permission. Adding clothes is acceptable without permission but the art must still include our credits.

If transferred to someone else, the original image must be included. Once purchased, it is your responsibility to maintain the full resolution file ( We do not keep backups. )




If caught breaking our terms we will let you know, if the mistake is not corrected we will blacklist or block you. 
You will be permanently banned from obtaining my art and designs.
We retain the right to blacklist anyone we do not wish to own our designs.


If you see someone breaking TOS in any way please contact us directly, we do not support witch hunts or harassment to anyone who might have broken TOS or is on the Blacklist.




Last updated::


10/5/21 :: Change log - Lots of wording changed. ( I/me) changed to (us/we) etc.. Edited a few minor rules to be more clear. Added a clear rule that explains how twin designs ( and designs like it ) work.