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Chourin are ancient creatures, no one is sure where they hail from but they appear on every continent. Often mistaken for the magical fae, they are anything but helpful and friendly like some of the tales would suggest. 


They feed on flesh and blood much like the Kumogami they share their world with. They use ‘dust’ that they produce from their wings to put their prey to sleep. They are able to control if the dust will give nightmares or good dreams to their victim. Chourin are weak so putting the prey to sleep is the only logical way for them to eat. Sometimes, though rare, pacts can be made with willing humans or Kumogami. However, certain Kumogami see them as pests and will openly attack and eat them if they're in their territory. Hunters will also target them if they see one.

They are light-sensitive, while it will not catch them on fire like the Kumogami, it greatly hurts their eyes. It also means they are easier to spot so they try not to go out inday light if possible.

Chourin tend to stay close to humans and cities , making themselves small and unnoticeable for easy hunting. If they need to, they will walk among humans wearing baggy clothes ,masks and hoods to cover their features. Unlike the Kumogami they do not take territories and instead welcome others of their own kind often. Their ruler is always a King regardless of gender and changes out every 50 years, while they do not have as many ‘rules’ as the kumogami they still make sure to keep order and to make sure humans don’t notice them or become too aware. 


If they take on a lover they will make something for them either by taking something from their windchime or going out and finding cute natural things for them to make their own wind chime if they happen to not be a chourin. Despite living in cities for the most part they would prefer nature and will crowd in parks and trees to get away from modern life. Making flower crowns and lureing humans to play with them in these parks happens more often than not. 



Their bodies can change size at will and is their only real defence if attacked; being small helps them sneak into homes to feed on the sleeping inhabitants.
Their bodies are fluffy all over; often, but not always, featuring neck fluff and extra fluff on the limbs. Their ears, wings and tail wings all make up a texture that feels soft and smooth to the touch. Tails are adorned with windchimes that they make for themselves as they grow up. The chime was meant to confuse and trick humans if they ever came into contact as well as ring loudly if in danger to alert any other Chourin nearby. Because they are so weak they will often hunt in groups of 2-3 to assure safety . 


Their faces feature either a rabbit or cat-like nose , along with antennae of which they could be any shape and size. Their ears, tail and wings can also appear as anysize. 

All feature butterfly or moth-like wings on both their tail and backs. These wings range in shape,size and color. On their sides they always feature at least one extra set of limbs - but multiples are not unheard of. Whether it be four full arms or one set being insectoid, they will always have an extra set. Extra eyes are also not unheard of, their normal eyes have great night vision and will often feature colored sclera. Their mouths hide rows of sharp teeth in different shapes and sizes.

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