Frequently asked questions


Can I add more features/traits? ::

For these you are welcome to ask me if a certain trait is possible, you will need my approval for any design/trait changes. Please note your designs 'Rank' to see if a mutation is posible.

Changes that are fine and do not need approval::

Chitin arm style change - This is fine some of the designs are complex and you are welcome to simplify or redesign them as needed! Please keep their basic shape/number of arms.

Hairstyle/Color/Eye color/Gender - You are welcome to change all these things, these guys can have a variety of different pupil designs and eye colors. You are welcome to have their eyes change color by will.

Glowing parts?::

Sure! Go ahead.

Is there a certain world/time period etc that I need to follow?::

Nope, you are welcome to put them wherever you like and not follow any real lore. If you want to keep them in lore they are set on Earth with humans around the 1800s into modern times.


Will you do MYO slots for X/Y/Z? ::

Maybe one day! Currently there are no plans to make MYO's for any CS outside of the ones currently avliable already. ( Clokies/Roseirlorns )

However, we might make MYO's as raffle/trade/rewards etc... but as for flat out selling them, no.