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Kumogami are a demonic species with predominantly spider-like features. These creatures were once normal humanoids, turned demonic by a ‘Source.’ Kumogami resemble different monsters, cryptids and animals based on their physical region.

A ‘Source’ is one of the few Original Kumogami that were born unto the world instead of turned. They are overly mutated in most cases, the purer the bloodline or closer to their Source, the less a Kumogami is likely to be able to blend into human society. No one is sure how or why the Sources were made, but some assume it was a curse that befell certain rich and powerful families of an Age gone by..

Kumogami are immortal beings that will not experience a natural death. Though while they are strong and agile, they still feature weaknesses that the hunters of their kind can use to kill or capture them. Those weaknesses being; sunlight, fire, a direct stab to the heart with a weapon made of silver. Silver chains/ropes and other such objects can also be used to keep lower ranks in line; and while it will do little to harm them the touch can still burn. To avoid these weaknesses, most Kumogami will refuse to go out on clear sunny days, and use mythical fire to light up any of their abodes.

Their diet is fully carnivorous, and predominantly human-based. Consuming humans are the only way for the Kumogami regain strength and going without will cause them to starve and weaken. They can eat animals as a substitute but it is not a long term solution. For newly-turned Lesser Kumogami who are resistant to the idea of consuming human flesh, drinking human blood is a temporary solution. Most can sustain themselves on blood alone if need be though they will always feel hunger.

Kumogami have a Court that sets rules for their kind to follow to avoid inner conflicts as well as hunters. The Court is made up of only Rank S’s - there are five leaders in total and they change out generally only on such occasions if one is killed, if such a thing occurs another Rank S will take their spot. In rare occasions, members could also be voted out or self-removed.

Not all Kumogami adhere to the Court’s laws and guidelines. Most of the guidelines are in place to avoid the suspicion and detection of hunters. In cases where reckless or careless groups or individual Kumogami go on a spree and alert hunters of their presence, they are on their own and will not receive any assistance should the hunters locate their lairs.

While some Kumogami prefer solitary life, the majority will stick with a community of others who share the same base-cryptid as them. Most will do their best to work out a territory they work, hunt, and live in, while still following the Court’s set rules.

Kumogami use all styles of masks, and unique decorations can set them apart from their kin. They decorate and make their own or, in some cases, track down someone who can craft a mask for them. Lesser ranks might not wear masks due to not having facial mutations and being able to blend in with humanity without the need to hide their facial features. They can conceal their more monstrous features using magic or practical things like hiding the extra appendages under baggy clothes.  Some kumogami will use shapeshifting to allow them to appear human for a small amount of time. This is painful for them both turning into and transforming back, but it does allow them to get closer to their meals if needed.


Rank S - Is the Sources themselves.

Rank A - Are created by any Rank S, and will always have mutations.

Rank B - Are the last rank with a higher risk of mutations.


Rank C - This rank and below will normally only feature the base features of the species. However some mutation risk still applies to this rank.

Rank D - A far lesser chance of mutation.

Rank F - No chance of mutation.


All Kumogami have spider chitin legs and arms, as well as multiple eyes. Their extra eyes can appear anywhere on their body at will. Their legs are always digigrade with the chitin stopping above pawed toes and claws. The bottoms are soft and always feature paw pads. 

Depending on how close the bloodline is to a Source, they can have the chitin on their humanoid arms, back/sides and face. They will have a greater amount of mutation as a result. Mutations manifests in a variety of ways, from multiple mouths, unique powers or just features based on their cryptid likeness.

For example; an Inugami-based Kumogami located far from their Source might not be able to remove its head at will, while one physically closer to their Source can.

All Kumogami are given a Ranking based on how close their bloodline is to their Source. The Ranking is like a tree with the trunk of the tree being a Source, the branches immediately attached to the trunk are those turned by a Source. Any subsequent smaller branches stem from lesser Kumogami.

Since Kumogami can pick and choose in most cases who to turn, the ones in Rank A-B tend to be more willing to follow any rules/commands given out by the ones higher in the court. While C-F Kumogami will often ignore any guidelines and will be more aggressive and reckless.

Kumogami may work their way up the ranks by eating their own kind of a higher rank. This will cause the consumed Kumogami’s mutations and abilities to now become that of the consumers. While they can never be a Rank S, Ranks A-B are possible by this method.

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