Listrei’s are humanoid creatures, sporting either pawed feet or hooves. They have short fur all over their body, that they shave down as a sign of status among their communities. All sport a single horn or in rare cases multiple, sprouting from their forehead. Tails range in length and have a long retractable stinger that will hide in the long fur at the end of their tail. The stinger produces a variety of venom and strengths. No one is sure why the effects and strength of the venom ranges from Listrei to Listrei but some assume it’s due to certain bloodlines.On their backs all sport round gems on their shoulder blades. These gems produce ‘light’ that appears in any color and any shape. The light only has a faint glow to it, but is able to be seen even if clothes are covering  the gems. The light shapes do not appear until the Listei is at least 15 years of age, at that time they are able to focus mentally on the shapes they would like, the shapes can change but it takes great effort mentally for them to do this. If the gems are cracked in any way the light will be ‘fractured’ and also appear ‘broken’, the gem will also leak colors based on the color of their wings. The leaking can be slowed down with the use of bandages and magic but can never be stopped. The light wing will also appear dull and drained slowly fading after a few years. Their ears come in different sizes but always have two ‘split’ tips. The base of the ears feature a split lobe. 


Listrei’s follow a strict class system. Nobles are made up of merchants,politicians,and of course anyone who over all has a large sum of money. However even in nobility, merchants are seen as lower than those with ‘good breeding’. Nobles tend to keep their fur trimmed showing off unique patterns, making sure their faces are smooth. Hooves are seen as a unique and rare thing; those born with them are automatically assumed to have weath, though that isn’t always the case. For those born without them, but still wish to show off their ‘wealth’ there are specially crafted shoes that look hoof-like in nature. They are hard to walk in and will hurt the owner’s feet if they are worn for too long. Light wings: while anyone can make their wings any shape or size for nobles they like to commission an artist to make their own feel as unique and stand out as much as possible. Other ways they show off are of course gems and jewels or hiring a Vrodrep for use of their seer abilities to keep getting ahead or even simply as a part of their staff.

Anyone considered ‘lower’ are often the working class. They tend to be less shaved and their wing designs less ‘fancy’ over all. In some rare cases their stinger will be removed and their ears clipped to show they’ve been in prison at least once, these marks are to guarantee they won’t enter the ‘higher’ class. Prosthetics are also common due to how dangerous some of the work is. Prosthetics are made using magical elements and oil to make them function like a normal limb. They often only can afford wooden or metal ones. While anyone of higher class will use porcelain and gems to make theirs if needed. 

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Scars/clipped ears/missing limbs/pupil shapes are not traits.

♢ B:: Unicorn horn - Pawed feet - Feathering around the feet ( any style ) - ‘Sheep’ fluff ( Anywhere) - Light wings of any styles/shape/color/size* ( *Please keep this within reason, if they are awkwardly to big that’s a no. ) - Broken back gems - ‘smol’ ears.

♦ A:: Hooves (split or solid)  - Kirin horn/Traits ( Scales/colored whites of eyes) - bi-corn

⯁ S:: Creravouivre*

*Creravouivre are a sub-species of Listrei who are capable of shape-shifting. However, only some of their features can change. No matter what form they take, they will always have light wings and their unicorn features.  They have higher ranks in society due to their magical abilities, much like the Vro. They will often take a more animalistic look to make sure they stand out among crowds just to show their worth. Creravouivre are born 'randomly' into families. No one is sure where they come from since they are often born to normal parents. This is seen in most cases as a gift, even more so if the family is of the working class, as their child will be able to 'rank' them up in society.

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These designs are not for sale, the belong to their owner do not steal/copy/trace these designs. They are are here to show off how Listrei look. 

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