Liuxe features a wide range of biomes. Unlike earth only the northernmost pole is chilled, with floating ice and large mountains scraping the sky. However, the lower pole is nothing but desert and heat. The middle is made up mostly of jungles, forests swamps and more evening out the two extremes.

The largest continent has three major kingdoms. Each kingdom is large and often has its own laws, however all three have the same class system in place. There are times of war with one another, but most of the time things are strained but somewhat peaceful. Each kingdom has a capital city and it is always the largest city in that kingdom. Booming and bustling streets, cities and towns are filled with Listreis and scattered between them are Vrodrep who’ve decided to intertwine with the Listrei. Vrodrep are always welcome in cities and towns, their magical abilities to help gear mortals away from death and disaster make them highly valuable.

To the far west there are unclaimed and ‘wild’ lands. Rumors state that it’s the original land of the Vrodrep. The Vro’ however either do not recall that being their land or simply lie when asked. The seas get overly rough and storms seem to keep any would-be adventurers at bay. Those who venture out to seek the great continent never come back.

The societies in the cities tend to be somewhat the same since they were all started by Listrei. A culture of magic, steam machines and ranks. Some cities are shining beacons to their kingdoms while others smell from the waste made by the machines. The lower ranks are often in these smog-filled areas. Filled with music and sounds from pubs playing the newest swing tune. 

The difference of the higher-ranked areas is whiplash-inducing, all capitals and even the smaller cities are built with the lower ‘ranks’ being physically lower than the rest of the city. The smog never seems to reach these higher areas and their pubs are less lively and more toned down. Often talking politics and other pleasantries, giving no mind to the other ranks.