Frequently asked questions

Will there ever be MYO's for Vro' and or Listrei?

Currently there are no plans to do MYO's. This might change, but I wouldn't hold out hope. If I do MYO's it will be as gifts or from raffles, if the community ever is big enough. MYO's are hard to manage and I'd like all the designs right now to be either designed by me or by a chosen guest artist.

Can I put my Vro/Listrei in a noncanon setting?

Of course. You are welcome to ignore lore/canon info.

All I ask is that you follow my TOS::

Will there ever be a discord/DA group etc?

Maybe. Right now I'm gadging interest to see how it goes before putting extra effort into making another community when I already have more plans for another CS of mine.

However updates for these guys will still be put out often and announced on the Banana Milk Media website as well as our discord server.

Breeding event? Gatcha's?

Maybe, I'm not sure on any extra events outside customs and adopts.

Can I change the gender? Hairstlye, eye color...etc

You are able to make your designs what ever gender you please. If you want them to swap genders you are welcome to do so. You don't have to send this to me for appoval.
For hairstyles you are welcome to have as many colors, styles etc as you like. Once again you do not need my appoval for such an edit.

For eyecolors / Markings etc.. Please message me first before doing any edits and let me know what you are wanting to change. As long as it stays 80% the same design I'm sure I'll allow it.

Please do not however edit my art. If you are wanting to please ask me first before editing my art.

Do they have to wear clothes?

In cannon yes, very much so. Clothing helps define ranks. You can't just run around naked on the streets! For clothing think, victorian, lolita/ouji, final fantasy (14) with strong hints of steampunk.

Noncannon you are free to do as you wish.

What venom does a Listrei's stinger have?

It's 100% up to you, feel free to base it on either real life things or something made up. I do not mind.