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MahouBaes are spirits that are created when a dying mortal signs a contract provided by a reaper. They take the form of a humanoid with a snake-like long tail that they can use in a multitude of ways; using it in battle or as a cozy chair for instance. They normally have mammal-style ears; from felines, canines and even rodents to name a few. Legs that feature fur and small paws with paw pads on the bottom. However, it’s very common for Mahoubae to use magical items to change their appearance that suit them better, whether it be flowers growing from tails or larger paws to suit their needs. They all have a spirit gem located either on their chest or rarely their forehead or hands. This gem holds their spirit and is hard and near impossible to break. However if it is broken or cracked it can damage the Mahoubae long term and weaken them.

When Mahoubae agree to sign a contract they are transported to a realm in the afterlife meant just for Mahoubae and a few other spirits. The realm takes the form of a City called ‘Raise’ , with tall skyscrapers and multiple places of living and work. Once there, a reaper will direct them to their branch of Second Chance Corp, and put them in a waiting room to be seen by an admin. Once seen by an admin and agreeing to the terms of the contract they will take their new form as a Mahoubae. While there is a lot of work that goes into finding the best subjects to become Mahoubae reapers can use referrals as well as their own judgment when making the call to ask the spirit.

SC.Corp is the de facto ruler of Raise and all of its inhabitants. A Mahoubae, once starting their new life at SC.Corp, will work as an Office Bae ‘OB’ , and work mostly in the office filing paperwork related to OB jobs as well as confirming reapers' spirits are going where they need to be etc. Once they’ve gotten used to things in SC.Corp and the idea that they are dead they will be given off-realm jobs in the mortal worlds.

All OBs at this time start to gain their powers and learn how to use them, including ‘summoning’ their work uniform. Their work uniform sprouts from their soul gem and covers them in a garment that is unique to them. This uniform is tough and cannot be ripped, burned etc. Only the Mahoubae themselves can damage it. Most will often buy, or work on making their ‘wand’ to aid in battle around this time, there are several places in Raise to help with the creation of a wand as they help channel the magic needed to do their jobs. While there are some generic, mass-produced wands, most wands are unique.

OB’s are either sent to universes in which they are needed or summoned into them. They can refuse summonings to the mortal world based on what the mortal is asking for. Some Mahoubae focus on hunting demonic beings and Rouge Mahoubae, as well as ‘evil spirits’ - while others prefer summoning jobs and working one on one with mortals. Either doing simple tasks for a time or a more in-depth one. Summonings tend to lead to a bigger payout since the OB is interacting with them often one v one. 

This has led to more and more suggestive things as times have changed as mortals will often summon Mahoubae in hopes of ‘sleeping with a demon’ or monster without really knowing what they are summoning. Because of this, reapers will seek out either those who would enjoy such jobs or those who would like to fight to keep mortals safe. Leading to a semi split in OB’s where some are very sexual and others are not.

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