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Species of Atgra


Clokies are inherently magical, fairy-like foxes. Tending to be on the smaller side, they feature soft fur, bright eyes and wings made of cloth.

Clokies live in Âthâw, a continent in a constant state darkness across the majority of its lands. Due to this, Cloki eyes are light-sensitive. When leaving their dark homelands, they wear protective masks over their eyes and instead use their whiskers, wings, or even magic to help them 'see'. 

Species of Plemton


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Species of KUIDAORE


Kumogami are an immortal, demonic species with predominantly spider-like features. These creatures were once normal humanoids, turned demonic by a ‘Source.’ Kumogami resemble different monsters, cryptids and animals based on their physical region.

A ‘Source’ is one of the few Original Kumogami that were born unto the world instead of turned. They are overly mutated in most cases, the purer the bloodline or closer to their Source, the less a Kumogami is likely to be able to blend into human society.

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