General Terms of Service



If you have any questions or concerns please contact us via email,


Please make sure to read things fully. By buying from me you are agreeing to these terms.
Telling us that you did not know these terms existed is not a valid excuse for breaking them.

Us and We refer to the whole of Banana Milk Media. However, in most cases the art is done by either (Tetsumiro) or (Neoukan) and not by both of us. Please keep that in mind when reading. 


Terms used in document:

WIP - Work In Progress

Prices and Payment


Commissions must be paid 100% upfront unless agreed otherwise. 


We only accept payment through PAYPAL. We only accept USD (United States Dollars). We do not accept echecks, mailed cash, points etc.. unless otherwise discussed.


Payment is expected within (48) hours, unless otherwise discussed. If you haven't paid by (48) hours you will be removed from the queue.


Never send payment without confirmation to do so.

Payments must never be sent via friends and family , or gift. Any money send via these means will be refunded.


We may add on fees for the following: complexity, asking me to design parts of your character in a non-custom commission, complex objects/pets, props, handcrafted fonting, etc.. We will add fee's at our own discretion. ( You will always be informed before hand, as well as warned if another edit will have a fee. )




You are welcome to ask for a refund up until the coloring phase of any image. If you ask for a refund and We've already started you will be refunded for the work we didn’t do and given the sketches/WIPs to use as you like. If we haven’t started your commission a full refund will be given.


( If at any point you get a full refund and we did do work for you, You cannot use the images/sketches/WIPs. We will reuse them in other projects. )


We reserve the right to cancel and issue a full refund at any time.


Clients may not issue a refund without communicating with us. We will work with you if an emergency comes up or you have to back out.




We reserve our rights to the artwork, regardless of the character depicted in the piece.


We retain the right to re-post and upload the artwork to any and all of out galleries with credit to the commissioner. Your art might be used in advertisements and promotions of our art. 


We reserve the right to refuse or decline a commission request without written or verbal reason.


We will not make major changes to the artwork once the sketch has been approved without issuing a fee. We will do up to (4) minor changes before charging a fee per edit. This does not include color, or design errors on our part. We will assume the design is approved if you’ve read the note/pm and 48 hours have passed. After the art is approved we do not do edits.


We are under no obligation to stream for clients. We stream only when we feel so and there is no guarantee we will stream your commission.


Unless otherwise stated (blindbag commissions) Please feel free to ask for WIP's beyond what we give you. 


We will not haggle or give discounts at the client's request.


We may go out of order on our queue at our discretion.


Allow up to (3) months for commission completion. 

We will not entertain requests to draw like another artist. Please commission the artist whose art you desire. 





Client retains all rights to their character(s).


Clients may use artwork as a reference for other artists.


Clients may not use artwork for commercial use or resell. Artwork may not be used in any form of distribution without our permission.


Clients may not change their order once we have finished their sketch.


Clients found not having read this TOS and harass us over the terms will be blocked and blacklisted.

Clients with empty accounts or new accounts will be turned down. Accounts must be 1-2 months old with proof of use. ( Or proof of another site of more activity. )


Client acknowledges they may be fee'd at the artist's discretion.( A notice will be given beforehand. )


Client acknowledges that they are legally bound to discussing and paying us appropriately for any commercial use / distribution.




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10/4/21 - Change log: (I) changed to (We/Us). Minor adjustments to some wording.