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◥Terms of Service◤

If you have any questions not addressed in our TOS, please contact us via the ticketing system on the BMM Discord server, or you can message us via DMs or email. Discord will receive the fastest response.

                        ・Tetsumiro:: Discord ( Tetsumiro#3528 ) or at ( ) * Discord preferred
                        ・Araimyth:: Discord ( araimyth#9113 ) or at ( ) * Discord preferred

By purchasing our goods and services, you are agreeing to the terms listed below. Please make sure you read everything fully, as ignorance is not a valid excuse for breaking our terms.


◥Prices and Payment◤

・All payments must be made 100% upfront, unless otherwise agreed. 

・We only accept payment through PAYPAL as United States Dollars (USD.) We do NOT accept e-checks, mailed cash, points etc. unless otherwise discussed beforehand.

・Payment is expected within (48) hours, unless otherwise discussed. If you haven't paid by (48) hours you will be removed from our queue.

・Never send payment without our approval.

・We may add on additional fees for any of the following: complexity, asking us to design parts of your character in a non-custom commission, complex objects/pets, props, handcrafted fonts, etc.. (You will always be notified of any additional fees beforehand.)
Commissions/customs are never first come, we will pick based on how much we wish to draw that design/commission. 



・Refunds are available up until you have approved the final sketch, prior to us beginning the inking phase of any project. 
If we have already started work, you will receive a partial refund based on how much work was done and you will receive any existing sketches to use as you like.

・If we have not begun work on your commission, a full refund will be given. 

・Under certain circumstances, a full refund can be given even if we have started work, but you will not be permitted to use any sketches or work-in-progresses (WIPs), and we will retain the right to reuse any unfinished work as we deem appropriate (i.e. repurposing the sketch for personal or Your Character Here (YCH) commissions, etc..)

・Clients may not issue a refund/chargeback without communicating with us. We will always work with you if an emergency comes up or you otherwise have to back out. Forcing a chargeback will result in you being banned from all BMM related communities.

・We reserve the right to cancel any commission at any time for any reason. 



・We reserve our rights to the artwork itself, regardless of the character(s) depicted.

・We reserve the right to repost and upload the artwork to any and all of our galleries and social media, with credit to the commissioner. Please let us know if you wish to remain anonymous.

・We reserve the right to use any art we do for commissions in advertisements and other promotional materials for BMM.
We reserve the right to refuse a commission request.

・Once the sketch has been approved, any requests for major changes to the commission will incur an additional fee. We will permit up to [4] minor changes for free. You will not be charged a fee if the change is due to design or colour errors on our end (i.e. missing markings, inaccurate details, etc..)

・We will assume the art is approved if you have read the note/pm and at least [48] hours have passed. After the art is approved, we do not do edits. 

・We are not obligated to stream our progress, and there is no guarantee that we will stream your commission. 

・By default, commissioners will receive a sketch for approval of all commissions (unless otherwise stated.) If you want additional WIPs, please let us know when purchasing the commission.

・We will not haggle or give discounts at the client’s request.

・We are not bound to the order in our queue and may work on projects out of order based on time available to us.

・We will only do wing-its and will not do custom poses.

・Allow up to [3] months for us to complete your commission.

・We will not replicate another artist’s style. Please commission the artist you desire the style of.



・Clients will retain all rights to their character(s).

・Clients may use our artwork as a reference for other artists.

・Clients may not use artwork for commercial use or resale. Artwork may not be used in any form of distribution without our permission. Commercial rights may be given on a case by case basis. Please contact us for more information. 

・Clients may not change their order once we have started sketching.

・Clients with empty accounts or new accounts will be turned down. Accounts must be 1-2 months old with proof of use. (Or proof of more activity on another site.)

・Clients acknowledge that there may be additional fees at the artist’s discretion. All fees will be listed beforehand.

・Clients acknowledge that they are legally bound to paying us appropriately for any commercial use/distribution.

・Clients acknowledge that commercial use licenses and exclusive rights to a commissioned work are not the same and will incur different fees. Please inquire about the exact fees for your commission in advance.

・Should the client decide to change or adjust the commissioned work(s) through the use of machine learning or derived technologies, or create derivatives of the commissioned work(s) through the use of machine learning or derived technologies, we will consider this an automatic purchase of exclusive rights and charge the standard fee per artwork. 

・Co-owning a design is allowed, but we will not mediate any disagreements or issues that arise from co-owning. 


◥Unpaid Work◤

・We retain the right to cancel any freebies or unpaid work at any time. If the gift/prize/raffle was from a BMM CS and you leave the community, any freebies you have pending with us will be considered void. If you are banned, any freebies will be considered void as well.

◥​Trades - Gifts - Resales◤


・Resales are allowed if you bought the design in a sale/resale. If you are unsure of the original value of a design, please feel free to contact us. 

・If you got the design in a trade, you cannot sell it. In some cases, we will allow resales for an appraised price, however, this must be approved by BMM in advance. This includes vouchers.

・Designs purchased with USD may be resold at the value paid, plus any additional value added by your own art or commissioned art of the design. Gifted art does not count toward the value.

・Designs may be gifted and traded, however, you may not trade a gifted design. Giving a gift to receive a gift is not permitted, and is considered trading unless otherwise discussed. 

・Any designs received as a gift, raffle, or prize may only be gifted away unless at least [3] additional coloured artworks have been added to it. Once this requirement is met, the design is eligible to be traded (but not resold.) If you are not sure if your design qualifies to be traded, please contact us for confirmation. 


◥Design Edits◤

Non-CS:: You may edit any non-CS design as desired, however, you must always credit us for the original design. The original design must be included with any exchanges via resale, trade, etc.

CS:: CS Designs must remain at least 80% the same. Any edits require approval, including species changes (even if you are banned.) Edits can only be minor without the appropriate in-game item (i.e. colour shifts, swapping traits of the same rarity, etc..) You do not need to have hair or gender/sex changes approved.

・Do not edit the original image without permission. Adding clothes is acceptable. If transferred to someone else, the original image must be included. Once purchased, it is your responsibility to maintain the full resolution file (We do not keep backups.)


◥​Will NOT Draw◤

・Religious imagery. This includes priest outfits/nun outfits, crosses, pentagrams, other religious symbols.  Healer/paladin themes are alright, we just won't include crosses.

・Characters based on another character (i.e. Ash from Pokemon as a wolf.)
              Note: General inspiration is fine.

・We will not copy one-off themes from our CS to put on the same CS [Example: Clokies with no head/furless/paw-wings.] Please feel free to ask if you are unsure. 

・Underage characters. 

・Preset poses outside of YCH commissions.


◥T.O.S Breaks◤

If you’ve already been warned and continue to break our rules, you will be banned from all BMM communities. We will also block you and ask that you not obtain any additional designs by us as a result. 

If you see someone breaking our TOS in any way, please contact us directly. We do not condone witch hunts or harassment of anyone caught breaking our TOS or anyone banned from BMM communities.

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