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Vrodrep are sphinx-like species , and some even assume they are a subspecies of the great cats. They have a third eye somewhere on their body, this is said to be the source of their magic. Vro’ have a humanoid face, with fur ranging in thickness and length starting just below the jawline and running down the rest of their body. 

Their spine is elongated, making it easier to contort their body. At full grown, a Vrodrep will range between 5 to 8 feet tall, though the most common height is about the 7 foot range.

On this long body they will feature not only feathered wings ranging in sizes and shape, but feathers mixed with their fur, as well as decorative feather ‘tassels’ athe bottom of the base of their wings. Vro’ can have either humanoid hands with claws and paw-pads, or bird-like talons with (surprisingly) soft skin on their palms and fingers. In some cases the talons will have fur on them. . 

Their other notable features are their feline ones, always sporting a set of feline-like ears, and long whiskers adorn their brows. However, there are some Vro’ that look very different from their kin. Vro’ep , Vro’ilmu and Vro’jobu. These are due to mutations and bloodlines. Anyone Vro’ with a different bloodline will have more unique features than just the feline traits.

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❖Third eye❖

All Vro’ feature one, the eye is the source of their magic. It is limited to a few magical abilities, with very few potential extra or learned abilities. These abilities include simple levitation; moving objects and (if they are skilled enough) other beings. They are also skilled botanists, plantlife seems to thrive under the care of these beings. 


Future, Past, Fortunes and Mythic are the specific types of abilities they specialize in.


Future allows a Vro’ to glimpse in the near ( 1-5 Months ) future, however since the future changes drastically depending on small factors this means most of the time their future sight accuracy is about  60%. This is also limited to only being able to see the futures of other species and never about themselves personally or other Vro’ No one is sure why but the other abilities share this limitation. 


Past is visions of the past, they can see years into the past but cannot see anything further than their own lifetime/when they were born. 


Fortunes are able to perceive fate, read the signs, and help guide those around them. They are able to make suggestions based solely on their gut feeling, or with the aid of the cards/bones or dice they read. 


Mystic is a unique ability very few Vro’ have, but it allows the Vro’ to tap into all three other abilities; though they can only focus on one at a time, and on one type every 24 hours. 



Vro’drep are feline and more sphinx-like. They will always have sets of feathered wings with one pair always being on the back, and the second pair being able to be on mostly any other part of the body (ankles, wrists, ears etcs).

Vro’ep are draconic in nature, they will always sport large horns to show off their bloodline. Other features they can have but are not limited to are scales,draconic tail,orc-like tusks/fangs, and wings with feathers at the top leading down into the membrane. Vro’ep are very strict and antisocial; they tend not to like other creatures and don’t often gather, even with their own kind. They prefer to roam either on their own or with a small group. They do not like to use their third eye on strangers if at all possible.

Vro’jobu are celestial and unicornic in nature. Featuring unicorn horns of all shapes and styles, multiple sets of wings, and often a unicorn-like tail. This bloodline is proud, often sticking to higher class circles and will use their magical ability to move ahead in life when possible. Their features always include hooves ( split or solid ) and a horn. Other features include feathering around their feet, unicorn tail, horse tail, and up to 8 sets of wings.

Vro’ilmu are far removed from the other bloodlines, they are aquatic and will always live by or in water. They always have gills that will close up while on land for them to use their lungs and open once they move back into the water.To help them swim they always have webbed hands and feet, their fur also tends to be shorter and repels water easier.  These Vro’ tend to be playful and energetic , loving to explore. They will often travel with sailors and pirates using their abilities to help out while more or less being pampered by the captain since avoiding storms and other mishaps is a welcome thing on the sea. Features that they tend to have include, but not limited to, fish-like tail, small fish-like scales, fins on ears, body and back.


Vro’ tend to stay in a good ‘spot’ for long amounts of time. For some that spot is a city for others it’s in the wilds. Wherever they choose to stay; like the greedy things they are, they will hoard. 


All Vro’ do this, the thing they hoard is could be anywhere from gems and gold , to tea sets. It varies. Their hoard is always hidden in some way; most don’t like to show off their hoard to strangers, but a few of the vain ones will. If they’ve taken to living in the cities and towns with Listreis, chances are they found themselves easy money if they wish to use their abilities for the Listreis around them. They will often glide through the rank of the class system that the Listreis have in place, being seen as nobles and sometimes higher. Though this isn’t always the case. However if they do live alongside Listreis they will mimic their shaving habits onto themselves, keeping their torso and stomach free of any fur.


Flulvrosque, is an illness that, as far as the Listrei and Vro’ know, is exclusively a Vro’ illness. There’s not much known about it and it can affect all bloodlines equally. The illness is said to be caused by Vro’ who grow too greedy and envious. The illness starts crystallizing the fur and skin of the infected. The crystals forming can ‘branch out’ as it spreads, though most will try to file it down as much as possible. The infected will still be able to move their limbs despite the crystals. 

To a Vro’ marked with this, others of the same kind will become wary and often avoid them if at all possible. They see it as a curse, a mark of their greed. Even if the Vro' affected have changed their ways for the better, it’s seen as a shame. Though the Listrei do not care since the illness seems not to affect them. Those who refuse to change will find more and more of their body becoming crystal. If this continues to happen for years, there’s a good chance they will die and become a crystalized statue.


Always: means the trait will always be there for them to be that bloodline.
Optional are traits that are optional traits for that bloodline.
Any optional Vrodrep trait can be carried down to the other bloodlines.


Always:  Feline ears ( Any kind ) , Feline tail ( Any kind ) , Feathered wings ( Up to two pairs, one pair must always be on back. ) , pawed feet.
Optional: Extra feathers on body, Paw hands or talons.


Always: Duel horns ( Any style ) , feline ears (Any style) , feathered dragon wings
Optional: Scales, orc tusks/fangs (Up or down) , draconic tail , dragon like feet.


Always: Hooves ( Split or solid ) , unicorn horn (Any style) , feline ears (Any style)
Optional: Multiple wings ( Up to 8 sets ) , feathering around feet ( any style ) , unicorn or horse tail, thick feathering on hips and shoulders.


Always: Gills ( Neck and or torso ) , webbed hands and feet , fins wings (any style) , feline ears (Any style)
Optional: Extra Fins ( Tail,legs,hips etc..) , fish like tail , small fish scales, coral like antlers, extra long canine teeth, longer more fishlike feet, can also have tentacles spawning from anywhere. ( Head,back etc.)

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These designs are not for sale, the belong to their owner do not steal/copy/trace these designs. They are are here to show off how Vro' look. 

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